Suggested Answers to Common Interview Questions
What is your biggest weakness? "Well, I really don't feel I have a weakness which affects my working ability. At times I have a tendency to be impatient."

Why are you leaving? "I want to earn more, have added responsibility, and expand my knowledge. These opportunities don't exist in my present firm."

What do you think of your boss? "Excellent. I have enjoyed working with him."

You haven't worked in our industry before. When could you make a contribution? "I expect to be able to make a contribution in a short time. Obviously, it will take a little time to get my feet wet. However, there are a number of things which I have accomplished before. I may be able to institute some of them once I gain a better understanding of your firm. I am a quick learner."

How long would you stay with us? "As I mentioned to you, I'm looking for a career. However, I'm a realist. If I don't do the job, you won't want me around, and if there is no opportunity, it won't be right for me."

What's wrong with your current firm? "I don't feel there is anything wrong with the firm. I have enjoyed working there, and they have some really top people in management. It's a good company, but I am ready to handle additional responsibility right now."